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End of the road

End of the Road, Death of a country

End of the Road, Death of a country is a travel book to the country I love. The brutal cowardly state I was born and chose to live. It is a country whose presumptions are wrong, the way it handles its resources is by avoiding them, that defy its inhabitants and that chooses to live in the future, glorify the past, and to ignore the present and hand it away to a chosen minority.

The Happy Man

The Happy Man

The Happy Man
politically charged novel which tells the fictional, but not impossible, story of the Bedouin rebellion in the Negev desert. It is the story of extraordinary people, who find themselves caught in a game of life and death but are determined to realize their dreams, while they fight over the desert. At the same time it is a story of the desert – of the endless generosity of nature, the mute and powerfull witness of the human hopes, loves, despair and emptiness.

The Panamericana

The Panamericana Zapatistas San Cristobal de las Casas is the capital of the state of Chiapas in the south of the United States of Mexico, […]

The Road to Happiness

The road to Happiness

On “The Road to Happiness”By Moshe Gilad, “Masa Aher“ Tsur Shezaf, in his unique language and style, describes encounters in the distant deserts of Tibet […]

Shanti Shanti Balagan

In early september 2001 Dorit and Tsur Shezaf took their three daughters (ages 14, 11 and 8) for a year long family tour of India, with no school and no work. They discover a land of marvels, complex, colourful and intoxicating: hidden valleys in the Himalayas, a long journey on camels in Rajasthan, a full moon party in Goa, spiritual supermarkets in Pune and Dharamsala, Israeli colonies in Pushkar and Hampi; from Amritsar to Kochi, from Mahabalipuram to Kolkota and from Varanasi to a short walk around the Anapurna which almost costs them their lives. Shanti Shanti Balagan is a book about Israelis in India, one particular Israeli family in India, and about an India that embraces them all.

The Red Budha

On “The Red Buddha”
By Eli Hirsh, Ma’ariv Culture Supplement

Witchcraft in Huancabmba

Witchcraft in Huancabmba On “Witchcraft in Huancabamba”By Yoram Bronowski, “Art and Culture,” Ha’aretz Tsur Shezaf succeeds admirably with the main aim of the travel writer […]

The Road to Happiness

On “The Road to Happiness”By Moshe Gilad, “Masa Aher” Tsur Shezaf, in his unique language and style, describes encounters inthe distant deserts of Tibet and […]

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