Kerem Shezaf (Vineyard)

Kerem Shezaf lies in the upper part of the Zin  valley in the high Negev plateau.

The vineyard is equalized and the grapes and olives are not sprayed and fed by compost. Because the wild vegetation is not sprayed, we have the highest percentage of good insects in the Negev and the highest quantity of natural water possible (depending on rains and desert floods)

The vineyard produces high quality grapes and olives as the grapes are pressed to give exhalent wine and the olive oil is sharp and strong.

Shezaf Vineyard Products

Organic farm served by compost detritus, good insects, wild vegetation. High quantity of natural water and coverage of crushed vegetation that provides shelter from the sun to the soil.

Good grapes makes good wine.

Good olives are pressed to excellent oil.

Olive Oil – 0....
Cold pressed premium olive oil
Olives – 400 g...
Premium Olives of the Souri variety

Vineyard News

Vineyard’s house

The vineyard's watch house is build into the a cliff overlooking the vineyard that is planted in the high reaches of the Zin valley. I is lit with solar energy it is rather small but comfortable and has a little pool to…

Road description

Turn west at the winds junction (junction on Route 40 before Mitzpe Ramon), continue 6 km on Route 171 to the vineyard gate on the left and arrive at the vineyard’s guard house.

Once a day, Bus no.162 leaves the central station in Be’er Sheva, and if you ask the driver, then around 1130 it stops at the entrance to the vineyard. Back you can stop the same line at 1230 to Be’er Sheva.