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At the end of the day they agreed they will send the elders to ask the devil what he wants.

“Everything” said the devil. He had red eyes glowing in yellow, green nose, black hair, pointed tail, chicken’s legs, trident and red cloak golden on the edges because it matched his eyes.

He looked very much as the king of devils and there were some people who insisted it is him and they shouldn’t mess with him because he has all the right connections in the right places.



I met the devil from the Sataf in the spring’s pond. In the Sataf. The Caracal I met in the Arava valley under a Retema bush, the one horned Ibex on the Negev’s cliffs and Thalma- the dog that battelled and won the Hyena – at my vineyard near Mizpe Ramon.


I wrote here legends I heard many years ago. Some of them were never written and I had to invent, most of them were given to me by the animals I met here and there and they were very surprised I don’t know such trivia.

All these legends are from here, from the land of Israel. From this little, crowded beautiful and intoxicating land that holds all sort of people, more then a few animals, a lot of trees and bushes and devils that luckily we can handle. At least we knew.

לא נמצאו ספרים בסוגה זו

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