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I knew I would be writer when I was 3, and I am happy for that and for the Hebrew, this ancient language of the Jews that few people speaks, Even less write and by .miracle it was revived after a long sleep

The Poetry of Debora the song of Songs, Ecclesiastes , Josephus, Benjamin of Tudela, Rashi, Yehuda Halevi, Ibn Gavirol, Agnon and the Hebrew writers of the last 120 years or so.

None of them wrote for profit. In the last 3000 years the Hebrew writers wrote as lovers that fell in love with the words, their body and soul foul of pleasure as the words abide. This wonderful force – creating a world from the combination of letters and words. To invent, fascinate, rise above this world to the upper one. Each book is a world, each writing is creation. Not all the worlds alike. Nor the writers.

I  am a Hebrew writer and I like writing and among the lucky ones that the book industry is willing to chance my books. Have I lived on my books since I published the first one in 1988? Well, not really. As one of the sellers in a book shope in Tel Aviv said to me – writers should write, they are not suppose to live from it. Luckily I live by my journalism travel and now by my vines and wine.

I couldn’t care less. I am a writer and the joy of good writing is erotic as making love. This wonderful love you didn’t know exists till you got into it.

Love on the Divide
The Lost Pilot’s Wife

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שלחו הודעה

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