Independence day event
Yan Rouchverder, Tsur Shezaf

There is something in sound sleep that stops and calms everything. The peaceful sleep  squeezes the heart and makes us smile. to fall in love. The sleeper has lowered his defences to the outer world and turned inwards into the inner world where (we hope) there are no fears and one can dream his life the way he wants to. as it should be.
A woman dreams. A child Dreams. A pair of travellers. On the bad. On a bench in the Boulevard, on a rock in the field, in his or her parent’s hands. Sleep engulf her.
The sleep is only ours. No partners even if we wrap ourselves in others. Its a peaceful declaration of Independence. What we would have hoped in any day of Independence. Sweet sleep knowing there are no threats, that you can travel to the ends of the world and come back in a sound sleep.



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