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Camping in the vineyard

The vineyard has many nice spots to pitch a tent.

You can do it under the Eucaliptus near the Shower-Toilets and the open kitchen or in the olive grove.

There is a camping tent with mattresses on the spot or you can bring your own.

Maximum guests 8
75 NIS for
1 first guests
75 ₪ for any additional guest
75 NIS for adult
free up to 12 years old NIS for a child under 9 years old

Double beds



yes outside



Single beds






Bath Room



Wine Bottle


You will not be charged yet

House rules


  • Please leave your shoes out.
  • The vineyard dog is called Thalma and she eats once a day in the afternoon 3 cups of dry food served into her tin plate from the food bucket on the deck.
  • The chickens get 2 cups of grain from the green bucket by the hen house. Eggs can be collected in the afternoon from the small window on the side.
  • The shower shall give up to 5 showers from the sun hitting system from spring to fall. For the winter months there is gas heater.
  • Light in the house is solar- a combination or 12 and 220 w.
  • There is wine of your choice on the table and if you need more there  is in the winery.
  • House guest get 20% discount on wines. You can live cash.
  • There is olive oil and olives in the kitchen and spices.
  • Toilets- please don’t throw papers etz into the toilet. Use the bin.
  • All tabs are drinking water. We do not use recycled water nor fertilizers.
  • There is a hut 50 mw away to the east. Usually it houses the vineyard workers or other guests. It has its own toilet and kitchen.
  • You are welcome to seat under the Eucalyptus. It’s a peaceful spot.
  • There is a place for bon fire between the house and the winery.
  • On weekdays we work the vineyard and you can get help any time. On weekends – telephone.
  • No internet but your own phone.
  • Organic leftovers you can give to the chickens- we sperate between plastics and organic mater. Please don’t put organic leftovers in the bun.
  • Plenty of herbs all around. Mint, Tim, Cale, Mangold.


Road description

Turn west at the winds junction (junction on Route 40 before Mitzpe Ramon), continue 6 km on Route 171 to the vineyard gate on the left and arrive at the vineyard’s guard house.

Once a day, line 162 leaves the central station in Be’er Sheva, and if you ask the driver, then around 1130 he stops at the entrance to the vineyard. Back you can stop the same line at 1230 to Be’er Sheva.

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