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Mizpe Ramon Guide

There are few expensive and inexpensive places to stay, few places to eat, one big Supermarket and 4-5 smaller ones, Alpaca range in which you can either take the Alpacas or horses for a ride in the desert, Jeep tours you can find and superb walking trips from 1 hour to five days across the desert.
In a strange and not unpleasant way – Mizpe Ramon is the Negev’s desert “capital of tourism”.
Its a strange laid back place.
its a wonderful place with friendly desert people who choose to live away from the centre

Maxtesh Ramon
IMS Mizpe Ramon is on a high desert plateau. The highest pick in the Israeli Negev is 1035 m’ above sea level and The area you travel north west and east of the town will be anything between 800-1000 m’. Summers are pleasant and there is a cool breeze in the evenings – you shall need a long sleeve. winter nights can drop in January to freezing point but as 270 days are cloud free- the days are warm. Spring and Autumn are lovely. A good sleeping bag in the Autumn and a nice blanket are needed. No sweat in summer as the desert is dry- it is one of the inland places in Israel and the Mediterranean climate with its humidity rarely visit the place.

The Negev MapMizpe Ramon & Surrounding crater mapHotels:Beresheet – The best and most expensive – a village with superb views on the cliff

Isrotel Ramon Inn in the town – block of flats turned into not a bad hotel. No lift!

Chez Eugene resaurant & inn situated in the industrial zone – but what a surprise!

Club Ramon – in the town, not far from the cliff but inside the neighbourhood – The only lift in Town. medium range.

Ramon Suites Hotel in th town, close to the cliff. Nubiana resuarant at the basement

Har Ha’Negev Field School a bit out of town – on the cliff, modest – for walkers and nature lovers. Close to the stars observatory

Mizpe Ramon Guest House (IYHA) close to the enterance to town, a short walk from the cliff but no view

Green backpackers Mitzpe Ramon

Guide Horizon medium range

Home stay in townOn Desert Roof tel: 0527204774900 Villa tel 052-3295317Desert Home
Amonit tel 08-6588205Daniela House tel: 050-5265628Out of MizpeWest-The Alpacas Farm Ride Alpacas and Horses- you can stay there and listen to their dreams Succah in the Desert Ecological. 6 Kms from Mizpe. Silent Arrow in the desert on the edje of town. The cheap camp East-Eco-retreat Desert Shade on the cliff – modest with great view North-Karmey Negev Ranch (Negev vinyards) tel 50-8725233Noam in the desert ranch tel 052-4651888 HarariDerex Erez – Kish Family, 6 Kms north of Mizpe Ramon on the East Side of route 40, Tents 0505260768, 08-6587287The Hidden Village – is Israel’s southernmost Bedouin village, located in the “Rayar” canyon (Wadi Rayar = hidden), at the foot of Mt. Aricha, in the Negev Highlands. Its residents are members of the Sarahin (“shepherd”) segment of the Azazmeh (“welcoming guests”) tribe.  Indeed, the Azazmeh tribe is well known for its hospitality. Turn west on 107 Km near an “Eged ” bus station and drive down a gravel road into the village. The tent is in the western edge. Residents of this village continue to preserve and teach tradition, passing on the knowledge and local wisdom, built up over generations of living in the desert.  In their location, in this hidden ‘wadi’, they are now reconstructing the ancient terrace-based agriculture and implementing desert traditions in everyday life.  In a world which is increasingly alienated from its environment, a visit to the village can renew the connection to the soil and teach on how to relate to it with respect.  Villagers will share their knowledge of living in the desert with visitors. It is possible to come to the village for nigh stay  hospitality including traditional tea or meals and good stories; to take a short tour of the village and local sites or to enhance the visit with workshops on traditional skills: Traditional production of goat-milk products, Healing herbs, Run-off agriculture, The art of shepherding, Traditional cooking with the women, Weaving with a ground loom, Spinning, Preparing Liba (bread baked on coals). Salman Sadan054-3496743 .

Chez Eugene – Franch, Perfume (Tourist-Industrial) quarter

The restaurant has another brunch in the Cliff near the NPA centre and observatory- nice views, nice local beer.

Nubiana Restaurant in town, not far rrom the cliff, in Ramon suites Hotel

Hakaze- The Edge – local resurant at the north east edge of the Perfume quarter – viewed from the main road tel. 08-6595273

Cafe Neto Nahal Zia 5 tel 08-6587777 – in a small centre near Pub Haxavit (The barrel) – about a Kilometre south west of the centre, there are 2 grocery shoppes beside it and twice a week there is an open market under the white metal canopies near-by.

Lasha – in the Perfume quarter near Adama. Fresh breads and Cakes

One can find 3 places to eat basic food in the centre near the only bank branch (there is an automatic bank to withdraw money).
Falafel, Shwarma, Pizza and the like. not bad at all.

Foods and every day needs
There is a big Supermarket in the centre – its the local social club. Every body meets there. Foods, home utensils vegetables, fruits, bakery. There are few grocery shoppes in town and 24/7 shoppes in the 4  petrol stations


Peima Act And Theatre

Desert Circus

Zuzima Bodyways

The Jazz clubbeitdani@netvision.net.il tel 050-5265628 Perfume roads quarter

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