Jerusalem - Walking Tour

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walking tour from Mount Olives to Maxne Yehuda Market

We start in a panoramic view of the old city from the east - Mount olives, walk down to the church of Gatsemana and from there across the Kidron Valley into the old city through the lion's gate a long the via Dolorosa (not far from the Gypsy area of the old city), stopping at the Austrian Hospice, and after a coffee going on through the market to the Holy Sepulchre through its roof and the Ethiopian village coming back to the Muristan and visiting the Tower of David, Mount Zion, the Jewish Quarter and going down to Siluan - the "city of David, Pier Warren and the Shilox spring and tunnel.

Humus plate at"Lina" one of Jerusalem best Humus in Via Dolorosa

Then we cross the Valley of Hinom to Yemin Moshe, walk by the king David hotel to 100 She'arim - the ultra orthodox neighbourhood of Jerusalem, The Buxari Neighbourhood and end in Maxne Yehuda Market.

As we shall munch on the way Humus & Knafe - I think it is better to reserve dinner either at "Maxne Yehuda" or the "Cahkra" around 1800 or if they decide to go back to the hotel and rest - even later.

Knafe at Jafar sweets - El Wad street - central market old city

1. It is a very ambitious plan. We might not be able to complete the lot as it is December - Short days light ends at 1700
2. It is winter - we hope for a fine day but it can rain or be windy
3. We walk in some places of dispute - especially the Siluan - city of David area- its important because it is the story of the city but be prepared - no objective view of any of  the participants.

Staying in Jerusalem:
One of the best places to stay in Jerusalem is the Abraham Hostel - probably the finest travellers inn in Israel and one of the nicest one can find