2008-2009 The war to defend the Egyptian border

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Israel always said it doesn't need foreign armies to fight its wars but this time, clearly, Israel is fighting an Egyptian war.
How smart the Jews are

happiness in Gaza

The Hamas is one of the three democratically elected Islamic parties that won elctions in the Moslem world in the last few years (not including Hezbollah and parties in Iraq.)
In turkey, when it happened, the Army who is responsible by constitution to defend secular democracy, prevented the head of the party to become president but did not overrun the country and left democracy to its vices.
I Algir in 1992 won an islamic party, the elections wer nullified and the country sank into years of internal civil war that is not over yet with a price of hundreds of thousands deads.
In Afganistan the USA intrvend in order to remove the Taliban who unified and pacified the country because they were tryong to hert America. The Americans gave Afghanistan back to the warlords who are rulling on American bayonets.
In Egypt the redical Islamic party was outlowed and the Islamic brotherhood chased hard by the regim.
The Hamas in Gaza was elected in what seems to be free mostly fair Democratic elections by the majority of the popoulation that was fed up by the corruption and incompitence of Abu maazen PLO regim. The Hamas succeeded, despite Israeli siege and political boycott, to form an effective and disciplined authority in which government functioned and weapons and gangs were of the streets.
So if Hamas is the people and the people are Hamas what do the Israelis wants from Gaza?
Or if to put it as a journalist who sits up in Ashkelon counting the Grad missiles asked: “I understand your tactics but what do you want to achieve strategically?
I could have answered that like in many other fields (water recourses, electricity, transportation, and education) we have no strategy. We have only tactics, and it is ingenious and wrong at the same time – we shall waste and pore our water to the sea and develop ingenious distilling stations to purified the wasted water, we shall build idiotic road and interchanges and blame the Israeli drivers 9or the security situation that rack our nerves) We shall leave the Gaza strip without any agreement turning our backs destroying all our investments, close the border shall not recognize the elected government of the people we left to their own devises and complain they are shooting Kasam rockets at us.
It could be said for the people of Gaza and the Hamas leading them that they are violent and stupid enough to continue shooting rockets to Israel although Israel really hoped the minute it leaves Gaza all responsibility and blame will be lifted of its shoulders.
Wrong as always.
Last Wednesday on 31.12.08, I asked Zipi Livni, the foreign minister of Israel who came from a cabinet meeting why Israel does not deploy anti Katyusha Kasam & mortar systems it holds in its stores as Israel has the Sky shield that was designed to protect navy ships from missiles but was adopted with great success (85%) by the American Army and its allies in Iraq & Afghanistan defending camps and installation from mortars seven Katyushas. looking through the last report of Israel’s comptroller that is on the Foreign ministers desk as of last week , confirms Israel has these system in store but putting them to the defense of Israeli towns was never considered out of sheer stupidity and incompetence or could it -?
I thought the defense office said it doesn’t really work."“said Livni  “ah-“
When I pointed out that if Israel used these systems the operation and the casualties could have been avoided she said:
I really don't have any idea – fax it to my office and underline the subject and I shall look into it."
Zipi Livni, the Foreign minister, is one of the 3 leading decision makers of Israel and one of the 2 claiming to be the next prime minister.  And she admits that she doesn't know about a simple tactical weapon that could have prevented this operation (not to mention much of the arsenal of the Hezbollah in 2006) that nobody knows how it shall end.
That is of course to say nobody in Israel.
Because there is one place in the Middle East that rub his hands at great pleasure as Israel and the Hamas are doing exactly what it wants.
Egypt. One can see President Mubarak licking its lips as a giant cat. Bastit – the cat goddess – is an ancient Egyptian goddess thousands of years old, a city dedicated to her still exists in the Delta.
This is the old middle east: Egyptians, Jews & Arabs and every time the Egyptians promised the Jews something – the Jews were screwed. Read history. Or better the bible because everything here is built on believes not on logics.


If it was about rockets – Israel would have at list tried to prevent it with the Sky shield or the un matured Nautilus. It has never tried. Even when the Israelis decided to develop the iron canopy – the army and the defense ministry never asked for a specific device but left it as an open question.
Not range and targets. It shall of course work one day but when? At which cost, defending what? We already know its not good for something tat is flying less then 3 Kilometers.
It was Refael – the developing company who decided and told the Israeli government the cost because these are questions nobody asks in Israel.
Nor what are the targets of this war.
And what is the target?
The Foreign minister said Israel was working in 2 parallel lines:
1/ Military – to break Hamas and politically to secure a long standing cease fire. No, she, like the other Israeli leaders is not saying Israel wants to destroy the Hamas although Israel is liquidating leading figures and destroying as much as it can the infrastructure in order to create a break between the Hamas and the people. It worked in the west bank in the second Intifada, why wouldn’t it work now?
Israel also, does not speak with the Hamas – she wants Egypt as mediator.
As always, it seems Israel doesn’t know what it wants but rather what it doesn’t- no more Katyushas & Kasam rockets, not to recognize Hamas till Hamas shall recognize Israel and peace process, not to open the border crossing to Egypt and more then everything else – not to go back to Gaza and if possible – to revive Yizhak Rabin who said that the best option is to drown Gaza in the sea.
Ok, that’s what Israel wants, and what does the Hamas (apart of destroying Israel)? Its main demand is to open the border crossing and the cease of fire.
Contrary to the impression – hamas is not interested with the crossing to Israel - the war is about the crossing to Egypt in order to reconnect to the Arab world.
And why should Israel mind that the Gaza is connected to Egypt?
Well, Israel shouldn't as of the minute it decided to let go the Philadelphia axis and the smuggling system works wonderful. Egypt does. Mubark's Egypt, supported by Saudi Arabia & the USA and the rest of what is called the moderate Islamic states, doesn’t want to open the door to the Hamas and to recognize it as the legitimate government – An Islamic government elected democratically and not corrupted? God forbids!  
The Egyptians who fought violently the Islamic brotherhood for years and outlawed it do not want a fundamental state on their back yard and that’s why they are insisting on Israel maintaining the border or the Palestinian Fatah of Abu Maazen.
It is clearly not the problem of passing weapons – those are smuggled underground with Egyptian knowledge and understanding that that’s how they can manipulate the 2 ignorant sides and play them one against the other.

mortars on Gaza

Therefore, all this operation is not to defend Israel from rockets because this can be solved with the Sky Shield and probably by the Nautilus, and of course this big operation is not to take back Gaza as even the Israelis are not that stupid but simply to weaken the Hasmas so they run to the Egyptians that will be the mediators and write down the agreement that suits them – Israel & the Palestinians of Abu Maazan looking after the open border crossing , Hamas shall run the Gaza strip, stop launching rockets and smuggle enough weapons but not significant enough to hit Israel, and back to normality. And one day – the moderate axis will be back in Gaza. Inshalla.
But what is the real Israeli interest?
It is very similar but totally different- opening the crossing with no Israeli involvement but a demand from Egypt to prevent passage of weapons, re functioning Dahania airport and the sea port of Gaza altogether with a Hudna of 40 Years (a very practical ruling for a religious party who believes in the future) with an organization that wants the destruction of Israel but knows its too weak to destroy it in the near future.
These should have been the targets and the carrot Israel should have offered the Hamas, but this is of course the Israeli interest and not the Egyptian therefore it is out of the question as it is inconceivable that Israel shall deploy the rockets  defense Systems as it will prevent it to cry its cities are attacked by murderous  terror.
Israel always said it doesn't need foreign armies to fight its wars but this time, clearly, Israel is fighting an Egyptian war.
How smart the Jews are.

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