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How Trump betrayed the Kurds in Syria

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In the middle of December 2016, when the eastern part of Aleppo was bombed by the Russians, Iranians and its Shi’ite proxies, to the point that there was nothing left but dust, it became clear just how useless NATO, the United Nations and the United States are. It also became clear there is no such thing as the free world. The world is held captive by fear, abandoned and terrified. Thousands of women and children could be blown up and trampled on, and the rest of the world wouldn’t lift a finger. All of this happened a month after Donald Trump was elected as US president. There is no such thing as a coincidence.

2008-2009 The war to defend the Egyptian border

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Israel always said it doesn't need foreign armies to fight its wars but this time, clearly, Israel is fighting an Egyptian war.
How smart the Jews are

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