Tsur shezaf hangs his washing on Nachlat Binyamin lines

In the Beginning god differed heaven from water. Then he created earth and a place to wash clothes - a place for gossiping, soaping, washing, and drying in the sun to beautify the court and the street.
When we stopped (the ones who did) to dry the laundry in the open, we gave up some very old and comforting thing that is even more ancient then the washing machine & the electric dryer.
The exhibition brings laundry back to its natural place. Reviving the color which is hidden behind the politically correct laundry covers that turns the city into a gray, descent, boring space.
There is nothing like a good pair of underpants to remind us where we are coming from.
The Nachlat Binyamin Fair ground – the art & handcraft market of Tel Aviv & the junction with the Carmel market & Shenkin street, or the old port of Jaffa is the natural place to dry laundry

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1/ Video interview in YNET (Hebrew)
2/ Old Yafo Port 1-4.10/2007

Curator: Moshe Shay
Design: Gilat Parg