The Happy Man

The Happy Man
politically charged novel which tells the fictional, but not impossible, story of the Bedouin rebellion in the Negev desert. It is the story of extraordinary people, who find themselves caught in a game of life and death but are determined to realize their dreams, while they fight over the desert. At the same time it is a story of the desert - of the endless generosity of nature, the mute and powerfull witness of the human hopes, loves, despair and emptiness.

In the Autumn of 2009, while the Israeli state tights the siege on the Negev, A Bedouin revolt erupts and put the Negev on fire.

The leader of the revolt is D"r, Najib el Urabi, a brilliant neurogist from Soroka hospital in Beer Sheva.
Najib is a Bedouin and the adopted son of the Negev's "Sheix of Sheixs".
Until then, this son of the desert did not see a contradiction between his traditions, his country and the Jewish state where he lives. He wanted to be an equal and brilliant Israeli.
The brutal Israeli reality crushes his hopes.
To oppose and fight Najib, In the name of the state, the state summons a son of the old Zionist immigrants, who despise the desert but at the same time is attracted to all things that holds scants of the romantic desert.
Boaz , a special Mosad agent in his 50's , knows that he is smarter then all the others and his feeling towards the desert and its sons is a mixture of contempt and admiration .
The violence hit Noam a Geologist from the Academicals elite of Jerusalem, who lives in Mizpe Ramon, the little town in the central Negev , walks the dry wadies and his dream is to live in peace with the people of the land.
There is also Zora - a Kyrgyz princes who came to the Negev to mitt the chosen one who waited for her un-knowingly, crossing the deserts of central Asia & the middle east, the Mediterranean & Sinai, smuggled through the unguarded Israeli border into the Negev on a dune buggy in a dark night .
It’s a desert story where nature is featured in its unending generosity, a silent formidable witness to hopes, Loves, despair and the human weakness.
The Happy man is a thriller that is build around a violent pursuit, three ways to die, 4 love stories, 4 major characters and 2 minor ones that uses the Silent observer, the Negev, as their stage for their struggles, hopes, loves and death.
But at the core of it – it’s a story about people who are determined to make their dreams come true, their passion for happiness and a home, their struggles for, and against the desert.
And who, of all the desert's sons and conquerors is the happy man, and when can one call himself a happy man?


Russian Version:

Цур Шизеф - Счастливый человек

Оригинальное название: צור שיזף - האיש המאושר
Издательство: Харголь (חרגול)
Вышла в свет: декабрь 2007