Shanti Shanti Balagan

In early september 2001 Dorit and Tsur Shezaf took their three daughters (ages 14, 11 and 8) for a year long family tour of India, with no school and no work. They discover a land of marvels, complex, colourful and intoxicating: hidden valleys in the Himalayas, a long journey on camels in Rajasthan, a full moon party in Goa, spiritual supermarkets in Pune and Dharamsala, Israeli colonies in Pushkar and Hampi; from Amritsar to Kochi, from Mahabalipuram to Kolkota and from Varanasi to a short walk around the Anapurna which almost costs them their lives. Shanti Shanti Balagan is a book about Israelis in India, one particular Israeli family in India, and about an India that embraces them all.

Shanti Shanti Balagan - Tsur Shezaf

"Everybody who has travelled in India, or intends to, will enjoy this book enormously, as will those who prefer to travel in the comfort of their airconditioned flats..."

Galaz Radio

Dans le Néguev comme en Inde, tout le monde il est «shanti»