End of the road

End of the Road, Death of a country

End of the Road, Death of a country is a travel book to the country I love. The brutal cowardly state I was born and chose to live. It is a country whose presumptions are wrong, the way it handles its resources is by avoiding them, that defy its inhabitants and that chooses to live in the future, glorify the past, and to ignore the present and hand it away to a chosen minority.

This is a travel into the Ethos, Pathos and myth of the Israeli Zionism, into the great deeds we built and still function, into the state inside the state that we build here all the time, not according to the natural resources we are blessed with. We have everything. We waste it all ceaselessly.
There are two entities - a natural land and a raping state. Rape that its brutality is justified by the belief that there is no other way. Based not on facts but on not very ancient Zionist Myth. Like the belief that if we shall go below the "red line" in the sea of Galilee, we shall die of thirst. That we have to purify water to avoid dehydration of the land, to put new settlements to avoid being swallowed by the surrounding Arabs, that we need more electricity because - Rape is Rape.
The facts contradicts the excuse that we have to rape the land.
This is a journey under the apparent face of the land – it’s a different world – quiet frightening.
It's a critical travel, but it aims not only to illuminate dark corners. But also to suggest.
Pretty much is a recommendation to drop the old believes which are not valid any more, to try and look at the land in fresh and human eyes, to destroy the unnecessary and to build right.
Wounding the land is wounding ourselves. Our children. Each one of us, no Metter his believes, religion, sex, nationality or race. There is no border between politics, society and environment. The divide between is meant, deliberately, to benefit those who cares for nothing. To the mechanists. But there is a section in this travel that is reserved for the dreamers, for those who dream life and live in a way that seems to be right. But that may be I consider dream and dreamers as the positive and fears and nightmares as the negative.
I might be wrong.

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